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Skin Care

Skin Analysis Consultation


DURATION: 30 minutes
PRICE: $50, fully redeemable on treatments and products


As part of our approach at First, all treatments will require an initial consultation as this allows us to provide treatments tailored to your specific and unique needs. From here we then recommend the most suitable treatment options and homecare products to achieve your desired results.


Our VISIA Complexion Analysis System allows us to diagnose your skin thoroughly and see some conditions of the skin that might not be visible to the naked eye but reveals the truer condition of your skin. Pigmentation, sun damage, capillaries, texture, rosacea, pores, hydration level, oil production, truer age of your skin and much more… 


To achieve stable and long-lasting results, we need to address the true cause of skin conditions as sometimes what you see on the surface may not be a true representation.

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