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Laser Pigmentation Removal in Adelaide

September 25, 2021

Ageing, genetics, sun exposure and hormonal changes can all team up to create freckles, discoloured patches and age spots that no amount of concealer can hide. Our Pigmentation Removal laser perfects skin texture anywhere on the body with minimal downtime. Quick, safe and effective, Lasertech Clinic will help you improve the look of your skin!


How It Works

Melanin is a natural pigment that gives our skin colour and acts as a barrier against UV rays. When too much melanin builds up in one location, moles, freckles, age spots and other blemishes may occur. We offer Adelaide Laser Pigmentation Removal for blemish-free skin. During treatment, we use an advanced laser which produces a wavelength of light. The wavelength is absorbed by pigmented skin where it shatters colouration. Consequently, eyesore spots reduce, leaving you with clear, even skin.


Where Is It Effective?

Any part of your body stands to benefit from our Adelaide Pigmentation Removal laser. From freckles on your neck to sun spots on your face, Lasertech Clinic treats all blemishes, guaranteeing fresher, younger skin.


Does The Procedure Hurt?

Clients experience little, tolerable pain which they describe as a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Any discomfort experienced, notably redness and inflammation, can be reduced with ice packs.


Is The Treatment Quick?

Pigmentation Removal in Adelaide offers an instant return to routine activities. Actually, one can schedule an appointment during their lunch break or time off and have no trouble returning to work afterwards. Some clients experience a speedy recovery but the best outcomes are seen over time as hyperpigmentation gradually fades.


How Many Sessions Are Needed?

It depends on your skin issue and skin type. Significant improvement is likely after one or two sessions. For the best results, book three to six sessions. An expert practitioner at our Laser Skin Care clinic will help you determine how many treatments you require to realise the results you desire.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Prior to treatment, you will receive a consultation to ensure your suitability. Following treatment, pigmentation darkens and remains dark for up to four weeks before disappearing. This is completely normal, usually tolerable and signals the skin is recovering. As the skin heals, flaking and reddening may occur.


What Next After Treatment?

For quick recovery, avoid saunas and hot tubs for two days and microdermabrasion and skin peels for one week. Use moisturisers to keep the skin moist and ice packs to reduce swelling or burning. Wear sunscreen when the sun’s out to minimise recurrence of sunspots.